Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Advertisement, Good or Not Essay

Advertisement is news or a message that is made for persuade or influenced people to be interested in the product or service that a company offers. It means that every ad must be persuasive. There are many kinds of ads; based on its nature of advertisement, it is divide into Commerce ads and Non-commerce ads. Commerce ads made for influencing people in order to have, buy and use the product that has been advertised. On the other hand non-commerce ads made to get people’s attention so they will be sympathetic or give a support to the ads. In the daily life people often see an advertisement; in television, in news paper, in internet, in radio and at the road, posted on billboard. The advertisement will influence people’s behavior and physicology, because people’s culture and life style are based on what they have seen and feel then they will implement it in their daily life. In this case, modern people’s life will be influenced by the information that they get in their daily life. By watching and hearing an advertisement, people will get two sides of effect, they are disavantages and advantages. The effect that people get is based on how people respond to the advertisement, and if people dont want to get the disadvantageous side of advertisement, they have to know how to respond to it. The main function of the ads is to promote a product in order to look more interesting and able to get consumer’s attention. There are many ways that company do to get the consumer’s attention through an ads, like in a humorous , strange , controversial way, etc. However many ads do not only want to promote their products but also want to give some moral message to people so that it can useful to people’s life. For example, cigarette advertising â€Å"Gudang Garam†. It show that a scholar who is able to be a motorist taxi only. He is constantly humiliated by the other motorcycle taxi riders because of his bachelor’s degree. His unfortunate fate changes when his only one motorcycyle is stolen. He feels regretful and curses his bad luck. But, because that accident, he has an idea to make an alarm for motorcycle and after that he become a succesful entrepreneur. The moral message that we get is â€Å"Never give up on situation, make a mockery as our motivation, and believe that there must be a good lesson in every difficulty. Another function of ads is to educate people. How could an ads educate people? That’s because every has a story that could be a lesson to people in their life. For example, Tea advertising â€Å"sariwangi †. It tells story about the wife who wants to ask her husband to repair their roof, but she doesn’t want to disturb her husband. Finally she asks her husband softly and she also gives her husband a cup of warm tea in order to warm up the situation. The message conveyed in this ad is â€Å"a wife should know her husband the condition before asking something so that their family will always be harmonious. From both ads, we can see that there are no factors that could ruin children’s moral or the factor that could influence people to do something bad. On the other hand, both ads contain a lot of factors of entertainment and education, and they also give a lot of useful moral message to people’s life. There are some ads that advertise product excessively. That ads can manipulate public taste and public minds. For example, body lotion advertisement. In that ads, the price of the product is not stated clearly. In fact it is only showing the beauty of its white model’s body that shows women will look more beautiful if they have flawless white skin after using this product. Its tagline also influences people to buy something useless and force them to think that such a product is a primary need. The woman who feel pretty with her brown skin, now they feel ugly because they don’t flawless white skin. If the women still cannot get what the color of skin that they want, they will buy the product again and again untill they feel they have the best color of skin thinking about the effect. This ads shows that a bad ads can make someone consumptive and imitate the action from the ads. An ads doesn’t have to be erased or eliminated from human live. As people who consume an ads in almost every activity, people have an obligation to choose and sort some ads which are good or not for themselves, think rationally to every sugesstion from the ads and improve the intrepretation of the ads in which every action in the ads is not always the sama as the real life. In short, any ads showed by some companies can be concluded as a bad ads or good ads based on how to responed to it. The ads can be good to someone but may not to others. Therefore, people have to respond to it wisely. People have to assume that an ads is just a media to promote a product and there is not a ‘MUST’ buy the product. People cannot only the good ads but also can refuse the bad ones.

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